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Wood Sphere stands can be used to keep you crystal spheres on.

Always having to make sure your crystal spheres don’t roll off the table or your pesky kitty hit it and it lands on the floor damaged?

Then you should definitely try out these wood sphere stands!

They will assist in keeping your crystal spheres from getting damaged by rolling on to the floor.

Or potentially having your kitty push it off from it’s safe spot!

These are wood and circle shaped and work well for small to medium sized spheres!

Grab yours now!

You will not be disappointed as they are very good quality and will securely hold your spheres.

These can be used for any type of sphere from clear quartz to lepidolite to selenite!

All types of crystal spheres will work well on these wood sphere stands.

The Crystal Apothecary Co has all your crystal needs and metaphysical products are being added daily.

We hope that you will consider us for your metaphysical products.

In the coming months we will be adding herbs, oils, ritual products and more.

We are so excited to have you as part of the crystal family over here!

Thank you so much! We appreciate you!  Wood Sphere Stands!

*Please note: crystal spheres not included*

Approximate weight oz:
small 0.5 to 1

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