Facebook and Instagram Live Sales


PLEASE DM YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS (OR REGULAR EMAIL ADDRESS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PAYPAL) BEFORE CLAIMING ANYTHING! You can DM to FB/IG but please do it BEFORE claiming or at least IMMEDIATELY after the show ends. Due to the irregular font usage and naming allowed on social media, I am sometimes unable to locate you to request your email. This is also very time-consuming and delays us in getting invoices out.

Claiming items at LIVE sales

To claim an item, comment “Claim” or “Sold” and the type of product/size/price

– For example: Claim small amethyst sphere $14

We will create a basket for you to add items to for the live sale occurring that night. Currently, we do not have “open basket” options but may in the future, therefore, all items claimed during each live show must be paid within 24 hours of receipt of invoice and will then be shipped,

The first person to show up on the HOST’S screen is the person who will get the claim. For example, if 2 people are trying to claim the same item, the person who gets it is the person whose comment showed up first on HOST’S screen. Usually, it appears different on the customer’s screen (typically your own comment will appear to have been first but this is not always the case).

Please do not claim an item then ask to put it back/switch it out/etc. We are beginning to implement SKU’s on our items in April and will be recording SKU’s on each person’s basket in order to expedite invoicing so you can receive your items faster – putting back/switching items is very time consuming, causes delays in the LIVE show, and forces other customers to wait.

NO CHANGES TO BASKETS ONCE YOU CLAIM. Because of the live nature of the sale and manual invoicing and now implementation of a SKU system, we can not offer any changes to baskets once you claim (not during the show or after).

NO DM/EMAILS for pictures of baskets. Please screenshot/keep track of what you buy.


Invoices are sent via PayPal within 24 hours of the live show, if you do not receive an invoice in your email within 24 hours of the live sale, please check your spam/junk folders. If not in your spam/junk folders, please reach out to ensure we have sent it to the correct email address.

Payments are due within 24 hours of receipt of invoice

Any invoices not paid within 24 hours will be canceled and you will not be able to claim in future live sales.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase items, we will send an invoice via PayPal, but you can log in as a guest and use a debit/credit card to make the payment without creating an account,

– You may also use an “e-check” via your bank to pay, however, please note – this will take several days to “settle” and your items will not be sent to shipping until the shipping software receives “paid” status.

In the coming weeks, we will be implementing a financing service which will give you extended time to pay for your goods in full. It will be announced when this is live. IT IS NOT CURRENTLY LIVE – Please don’t request payment plans now,


We do not offer any refunds. All sales are final. Crystals, minerals, and gemstones are naturally formed. As such, there will be natural variations between each piece both in size and appearance. Some items have natural cracks, indentations, gouges, etc. Please do not expect a perfect piece as each one is unique and beautiful in its own way and as mentioned, may have naturally occurring areas of imperfection.

If an item was damaged, broken, or lost in the mail; please refer to shipping policies on where you may make a claim if you had insurance on your package. We are now going to begin including insurance for ALL packages which cost $2 per $100 so if your order is $599 it would be $12 for full coverage insurance. You must notify us if you would like insurance removed. If you request insurance be removed and items are lost or damaged once in the hands of the carrier, it will not be able to be compensated.

Insurance (via shipsurance)

Insurance Coverage:
Every $100
For example:
For $399 in products, insurance would be $8

Shipping Policies

Please note all shipping prices, delivery estimates, and all other policies are subject to change without notice and are best estimates.

We will default to least expensive option unless other services requested.

Currently we only ship to US, US Territories, & Canada.

Items are packaged with extreme care. As such, once the package is sent for delivery, we are no longer responsible for damaged or lost items. We will automatically apply insurance to each package, it must be requested to be removed.

Please allow 3 business days (this excludes holidays and weekends) for items to ship out. Typically, we ship within 1 business day but may have delays due to increased order volume or other unforeseen events. Please wait until the 4th business day before contacting about your tracking number (please check spam/junk first) if you have not received it.

Items are shipped out based on the order of payments received. For example, your invoice may be sent out first after the live sale, but if you are last to pay – the shipping software will pull your order in last and this may push items being sent for delivery into the 2nd or 3rd business day. Therefore, for the fastest shipping, please promptly pay your invoice.

All questions regarding shipping, tracking numbers, etc. should be emailed to shipping [at] thecrystalapothecaryco.com, please! No tracking or shipping questions will be answered via direct messaging on social media.

We ship to the address listed in PayPal, so please DOUBLE CHECK this address is correct. We are not responsible for incorrectly listed addresses. If an item is returned, the customer will be responsible for paying shipping again to have it sent back. There will also be no refund for items for this.

Please do not DM us your correct address/first & last name/etc. if it is not listed correctly in PayPal. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all PayPal details are correct. Our shipping software automatically pulls it so we can not manually update your shipping credentials. Additionally, we may not receive a message in time to attempt to correct it before it is shipped. So please be sure all details are correct and if not, correct on your end as we will not be able to edit your details on your behalf.

Need to File a Claim?

*Shipsurance claim contact: https://www.shipsurance.com/claims or 866-852-9956 x506



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