The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!

The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!

The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!





The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!

Bloodstone, is a very striking crystal . This crystal is revered as one of the most potent ones for chakra healing. The word ‘Bloodstone’ means vitality and it aids in clearing negative energies.

Usually, it is found in dark green with bright red markings on the surface. It is rich in iron and has an opaque transparency.

The history of Bloodstone is quite interesting. The crystal was called “The stone of Babylon”. In the Christian era, it was known as “The stone of martyrs.”

During the middle age, it was believed that the red spot on the stone was the blood of Christ, and it bestowed the stone with magical powers. It was also believed that Bloodstone could invite rain, solar eclipse and make a person invisible.

The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!

The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!

The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!


The Chakra Connection

Bloodstone is a strengthening tonic for your lower chakras, rich in iron oxide, united with great defensive abilities, and always ready to offer a bright burst of vigor to the party.

This award-winning mix of dark green Chalcedony with dark blooms of Red Jasper results in the appropriately named Bloodstone. When you see the glint of red and green, your entire soul feels refreshed, and you immediately feel the blood begin to pulse to your heart.

Reborn and energized.

The meaning of Bloodstone is entwined in interesting history. The Bloodstone was revered by the Ancient Greeks as a powerful jewel. It was thought to have divine healing qualities bestowed by the gods, especially when it came to mending all things related to blood.

Even as we progressed into the Middle Ages, the Bloodstone took on another mythical narrative.

It was thought to have been produced from Christ’s blood. During the Crucifixion, a few drops of his blood were reported to have spilled onto the ground and hardened into stone.

Despite the Bloodstone’s dramatic flow, each branch has a similar sense. This stone is one of the most magnificent healing crystals, both physically and metaphysically. It can be used to treat wounds on battlefields, and it can promote health circulation and a heart as robust as an ox.

It can also be used as an amulet for courage and protection, as well as a talisman for people who need extra assistance in digging down their lower chakras.

The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!

The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!

Healing with Bloodstone

No one can doubt the power of Bloodstone as a protector, healer, and talisman to keep close throughout life. Here are all the protective powers of this magnificent healing and spiritually relaxing stone, from a hearty dose of courage and wisdom to unblocking the chakras so you can be in full and harmonious flow.

It’s no wonder that the Bloodstone is most associated with blood and magnificent circulation in terms of health and welfare. One look at the blood-red hues mixed with a dark green tint sends a surge of vigor through your veins.

This stone is noted for its iron-rich connection to the life energy that sweeps through all of us, from blood flow to bone marrow to increasing blood purification levels.

For those experiencing blood problems or trauma, this gem can lend a helpful hand and enhance your immune system.

The goal of bloodstone healing is to increase strength, courage, and resilience. It aids by anchoring you and making you feel entirely safe and secure in your own skin.

When we stand firm in our own authority, we suddenly become excellent at making fantastic decisions and putting those blossoms of magnificent self-worth into bloom.

Bloodstone could be the amulet you lean on when getting back on your feet for anyone who has struggled in life with themes of abandonment, loneliness, and bullying trauma.

This iron-rich stone is a turbocharger for emotional resilience, restoring your connection to the world outside your window and allowing you to invest your trust and patience into a higher cause once more.

The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodston!

The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!

Metaphysical properties

Bloodstone works on the lower chakras. It wants you to be completely grounded and secure so that all of that important energy can flow from head to toe. Bloodstone has the strongest connection with the root chakra.

The root chakra could be considered to be our safety net. It is what keeps us anchored, grounded, and – like the root of a tree – how we hold ourselves in place while the winds blow about us.

Bloodstone not only nicely strengthens the link with the root chakra, but it also works wonders with the heart chakra.

The courage stone is also beneficial to persons born under the signs of Libra and Pisces. Pisces are noted for their affinity for higher thought and their keen interest in the spiritual side of life.

Bloodstone is a lovely amulet for a Pisces to keep nearby since it keeps them grounded and able to maintain a realistic perspective rather than drifting into abstract ways of thinking.

The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!

The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!



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Using the crystal

Bringing Bloodstone into your life means welcoming balance, a positive outlook, courage, and complete inner strength (not to mention a ton of great benefits too).

Whether you want to respect the stone with quality gemstone bracelets or other amulet jewelry, or whether you prefer to invite Bloodstone into your house with Feng Shui or a crystal altar, you will reap the advantages. Here’s how to take advantage of Bloodstone’s magical abilities.

When you incorporate Bloodstone into your Feng Shui practice, its power can permeate every area of your home. Bloodstone’s capacity to entirely secure a space is one of its most essential purposes.

The Bloodstone protects your home from negative energy in the same way that stones like Black Tourmaline and Hematite do.

Bloodstone is more than a one-trick pony. It not only provides protection, but it also has a great invigorating effect on the environment. Bloodstone can make you feel more productive and driven to get things done if you want to add a splash of color to your creative space or even your office.


The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!

The 3 Magical Properties of Bloodstone!

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