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This Aquamarine ring is adjustable and silver plated.

This Aquamarine ring has amazing calming energies and can be used to quiet the mind and reduce anxiety.

Aquamarine also has a strong affinity for empaths and

assists in protecting your auric field.

To assist in creating more tolerance for other people,

overcoming any judgmental thoughts,

and providing support for those who may feel overwhelmed,

you should add this aquamarine ring to your collection.

This Aquamarine ring may clarify perception, clear any confusion,

and possibly sharpen intellect.

Grab your Aquamarine ring today!

Approximate weight oz:
Small 0.1 to 0.3

Chakra Diagram


Heart Chakra
Throat Chakra




Aries Gemini Pisces




Blue Green Light Blue

MOHS Hardness Scale

MOHS Hardness Scale

Chemical Composition


Healing Properties

Aquamarine has amazing calming energies and is used to quiet the mind and reduce stress. It also has a strong affinity for sensitive people, or empaths. To assist in creating tolerance for others, overcoming judgementalism, and providing support for those who are overwhelmed, the user should consider aquamarine as an addition to their collection. Aquamarine can also clarify perception, clear confusion, and sharpen intellect.

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