5 Gold Sheen Obsidian Properties

Gold Sheen Obsidian Properites


Gold Sheen Obsidian Properties                              

Gold Sheen Obsidian is a fantastic instrument for gazing, seeing into the future, and retrieving information from the past. But, more crucially, it discloses the core of a current problem or scenario. It elucidates the various paths that can be taken to achieve it. Gold Sheen Obsidian dissolves negativity and cleanses the aura, and it’s especially good for releasing blockages in the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the seat of our personal power.

It’s great for revealing and releasing ego conflicts and power misuse, as well as removing any feelings of futility or pessimism. Gold Sheen Obsidian allows us to connect with the Divine and realign our personal strength with the Divine in order to better lead our life.

Obsidian is a stone with tremendous power. It shields us from negative forces and energies. It also allows us to connect with our higher selves and gives us insights into ourselves. It improves our ability to reason and think clearly. It encourages us to be more open-minded and innovative. It assists us in realizing our full potential and strengths. It assists us in overcoming egoism and selfishness.

Gold Sheen Obsidian Properties, Shapes & Their Meanings                                                                                                               

We’re all aware of the various shapes crystals and stones may take, and while they’re all lovely and appealing, each shape has its own meaning, energy output, and application. Below, we will discuss the majority of the shapes available in the aim of improving your comprehension of them and assisting you in determining which shape is ideal for you and your needs.

Keep in mind that a lot of the information in this post is based on my personal perspective and experience; what you get out of one shape may be different from what I get out of it. Personally, I go through phases in terms of which shape I’m drawn to and I believe our intuition always helps to guide us to the shape we are in most need of at the present time.  Some of the most popular shapes for Gold Sheen Obsidian are towers, spheres, eggs, palm stones, and pyramids which will be discussed below.

A tower’s energy is directed upward and outward. They generate a very focused and directional energy that influences the space surrounding them as well as any other crystals nearby, no matter where they are put.  Gold Sheen Obsidian properties come from crystal towers and are great for focusing intention and energy in the center of a grid. A tower is one of my favorite forms to use when I need to relax and focus.

Meditating while holding a tower will help you recharge and feel more energized by allowing any blocked or stagnant energy to flow again. You can achieve this by concentrating on the energy you sense in the tower and determining which way it is flowing. Where in your body can you sense it? Is it about purifying and releasing energy, bringing in new energy, or a combination of the two?

Crystal spheres emit energy from all sides.  Try envisioning energy flowing out or into your body, cleansing and flowing through each chakra from head to toe. The energy of spheres is emitted from all sides, equally covering the entire room. Their energy is childish in nature, and they lend a whimsical, lighthearted touch to our lives.  Because of their balanced energy, spheres provide us a sense of overall stability, harmony, and unity.

The circle represents a life cycle and attracts life force energy and wholeness.  Program your sphere to release energy wherever it is placed, or to assist you in concentrating on a certain issue or mending a specific feeling.  To radiate the energy/intention gently and evenly, place a sphere in the center of a grid. It becomes even more intimate when we connect the life force energy that passes through us to the grid’s energy. Scrying can also be done with your Gold Sheen Obsidian sphere.

Scrying using a crystal sphere is known as crystal gazing. To get heavenly downloads or foresights into the future, enter a meditative condition and stare into the crystal… The sphere serves as a portal for crucial energies or messages that are intended for you.

Gold Sheen Obsidian eggs emit energy from all sides, similar to a sphere, but with a gentle focus point at the top. The egg represents fertility and life, making it ideal for personal growth, launching new endeavors, and brainstorming ideas. New starts and transformations are aided by eggs.  Gold Sheen Obsidian eggs have a lovely feminine aura about them and holding one may be incredibly empowering.  Fun fact: crystal eggs, also known as Yoni Eggs, are a popular useful tool for reproductive health.

Gold Sheen Obsidian eggs are claimed to have the capacity to open unconscious energy, assisting us in recognizing and repairing energy imbalances or suppressed emotions. Divine downloads from our higher selves or spirit guides can also be received through eggs.

Consider what kind of material you want your crystal egg to be made of, possibly something that reflects the symbolism of the egg. Since it clearly aligns with what the egg form is known for, I’ve always believed a Gold Sheen Obsidian egg would be excellent for providing direction.  Use the programmed egg as a meditation tool, manifestation tool, or grid center.

To become aware of energy imbalances, try a chakra balancing meditation or a general body scan meditation with a crystal egg.  Physical pain and reflexology benefit from the smaller end of an egg.  Program your crystal egg to assist you in starting a new adventure, whether it’s a move, a new career, a personal transformation, breaking a habit, or forming new ones. Make a wish for what you want the egg to help you with.



Because of their size, Gold Sheen Obsidian palm stones are ideal for holding while meditating. Due to their accessibility and low price, this is one of my all-time favorite crystal forms to acquire when on a budget. Gold Sheen Obsidian palm stones can be used to keep your hands occupied or to help you focus and stay grounded.



The Gold Sheen Obsidian pyramid shape has been found in numerous civilizations throughout history and has a variety of spiritual implications. With Sacred Geometry, the pyramid is known as a Tetrahedron, and its primary function is to aid in manifestation. The interesting thing about this design is the conflicting yet harmonizing energy production that is at work within it.

The solid structure base has a very grounded and stabilized energy, similar to that of a cube, while still allowing energy to flow directly out of the point. Pyramids connect the crown chakra to the root chakra, allowing us to connect with higher level thinking/our higher selves while remaining connected to Earth.

Pyramids are ideal for placing at the heart of a grid, especially when the energy needs to be grounded.  Pyramids can also be used to Feng Shui your property. Setting a specific aim to correspond with the sort of crystal or stone you hold is beneficial. For example, a Gold Sheen Obsidian pyramid in your bedroom can help you sleep better.

Where should I place my Gold Sheen Obsidian crystals?               

Because Gold Sheen Obsidian is a great crystal for scrying and meditating, it would be best placed in a sacred space where you use it for scrying.  Additionally, it can be kept in a bedroom and used to meditate prior to sleeping or in the first thing in the morning to start your day off relaxed and with a clear mind.  Additionally, it can be kept on an altar.

Is Gold Sheen Obsidian Natural or Manmade?

Gold Sheen Obsidian comes from Obsidian.  Obsidian is a transparent, black volcanic glass that forms naturally. Volcanic activity is responsible for its formation. The clear blue and turquoise facetted diamonds are not obsidian, but rather artificial glass. Obsidian is normally dark, however the hue might vary depending on where it comes from.

Obsidian objects from Anatolian origins have been found in the Levant and Iraq since around 12,500 BC, and obsidian items are prevalent at Tel Brak, one of the earliest Mesopotamian cities dating from the late 5th millennium BC. Obsidian is prized in Stone Age cultures for its ability to be split into sharp blades or arrowheads, and obsidian blades may have been used to manufacture keen knives.

Obsidian is a volcanic glass that forms spontaneously when lava from volcanoes is rapidly chilled. It has a high silica content (65-80%), but little water. Rhyolite, another type of volcanic glass, is likewise quite similar to it. Natural sources of blue obsidian can be found. Although it is not man-made, it is frequently imitated by those seeking to market it. Other rocks are used to create imitation blue obsidian.

When held in bright light, Silver Sheen Obsidian or Gold Sheen Obsidian exhibits a burst of glittering silver or gold colored chatoyance or light that appears to glow from within. Mexico produces both Silver Sheen Obsidian and Gold Sheen Obsidian.

The mine’s work is rudimentary. Shovels, pickaxes, and wheelbarrows are used. Oregon also produces some stunning Mahogany Obsidian with a Gold Sheen. Obsidian is a volcanic glass that forms naturally. Lava flows contain this glassy, glossy mineral. When lava cools rapidly, obsidian is formed. No crystals can form because the lava cools so quickly.


Gold Sheen Obsidian has many fantastic properties such as clearing blockages and assisting in realizing our full potential and strengths.  This is a great stone to use in scrying and meditating.  Gold Sheen Obsidian can be carved into many shapes which include towers, spheres, eggs, palm stones, and pyramids.  Gold Sheen Obsidian is a great crystal for use in scrying and meditation and is therefore best kept on an altar, in your bedroom, or in a sacred place.

While Gold Sheen obsidian crystal is a naturally occurring crystal, there are many items out there which may be fake, especially if they are in very unnatural colors such as bright colors.  If you want to learn more about meditating with gold sheen obsidian, check out this website!

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