4 Types of Crystal Bonds and How They Save Us!


4 Types of Crystal Bonds and How They Save Us!

Are you eager to find something extraordinary when it comes to the process of healing and recovering? Then trust the power of the healing crystals.

In this rapidly changing environment when everybody is seeking something calming and soothing for their body and mind, crystals alongside yoga, meditation, and other ancient therapies ensure peace and inner healing. Crystals and stardust are not only connected in the core but also provided some exceptional therapies and artwork in a very unconventional way.

When it comes to a calming experience, crystals and stardust surely help you to generate your energy positively. The power of healing crystal lifts your mood instantly and makes you feel rejuvenated.

When we think about crystals, the first thing that comes to our mind is jewelry. But we can use the energy of crystals for therapy, healing and energy transformation. Other than that we can also transform the crystals into beautiful jewelry and also convert them into organic dust which provides magnificent colors that deliver some unbelievable artwork. There are many types of amazing crystals found in nature. Different crystals have different power for therapy and healing. Let’s discuss these amazing crystals and stardust.

What are the 4 Types of Crystal Bonds and How They Save Us!

4 Types of Crystal Bonds and How They Save Us!

4 Types of Crystal Bonds and How They Save Us!

There are many types of crystals that are organically found in nature and using science can be studied. Even birthstones are types of crystals. Using science and looking at the atoms and bonds, every crystal falls into four primary structure types. Here are some important crystals and their bonds discovered using science-

  • Covalent Crystals- These kinds of crystals are bonded with covalent bonds. Their atoms are packed all together, which makes them the most powerful and extreme bond. The bonding materials are very hard to break. Diamond is a Covalent Crystal.
  • Ionic Crystals- Like Covalent Crystals, Ionic Crystals are formed with Ionic Bond. These solid crystals have a very high melting point and are bonded together with the magnetism of the ions. A salt shaker is the best example of Ionic Crystals.
  • Metallic Crystals- Metal and crystals are two different things but when they combine, some amazing formations of crystals evolve. These metallic crystals are formed from metal and bonded together with a metallic bond. These are very shiny and gorgeous-looking crystals. An example of this kind of crystal is the wedding band.
  • Molecular Crystals- These crystals are very weak among all other crystals. The bond of these crystals is a hydrogen bond. Dry ice is a Molecular Crystal.

It is important to continue to use science to discover how crystals can be used as natural therapy of healing.

What is the function of crystals in healing?

When we talk about the body, mind, and soul, we prefer the natural therapy of healing. Natural healing is the ultimate procedure one can genuinely ask for. Crystal therapy is one of the organic healing processes which is very much appreciated by all.

According to some ancient cultures, crystals have some amazing soothing properties with some positive energy that can deduct the negativity. It is also very beneficial for mental and physical well-being.

What is the science behind the crystals and their power of healing?



Crystal therapy science has some enchanting power of relief. Some precious stones are used for healing and therapy. There is an ongoing debate about the curing process of these stones. But when we think and research, we can figure out the direct connection of the human body with the universe. The universe is nothing but a bond of particles. These crystals are also organic particles and are tremendously beneficial for the body and mind if used perfectly.

How are crystals beneficial for your health and wealth?

  • When it comes to the health benefits, some crystals are considered most important. Clear quartz stands for the total energy system and it is called the master healer. Jasper provides help in stress management, Bloodstone stands for blood-related issues, and many more.
  • On the other hand, some crystals are beneficial for amassing wealth. Tigers eye is revered for its motivational properties, Citrine for creativity, enthusiasm, and concentration, Sapphire for prosperity, Jade for good luck, and so on.
  • Some crystals like Rose quartz, Moonstone, and Ruby are beneficial to bolster your love life and emotional aspects.

What is the concept of Stardust and what is the impact of this crystal on human life?   

Like crystals, stardust also has some immense significance in human prosperity. It is a beautiful form of crystal with some exceptional quality. You can use this crystal as a piece of jewelry or derive beautiful organic dust and make outstanding pieces of artwork.

It was believed in ancient time that carrying your birthstone brings good luck, fortune, and prosperity.  This led to the formation of stardust. It is a rare crystal that can be blended with your zodiac birthstone to provide power and magic in your life.

It is accepted that this crystal has some direct connection with the universe. It is also believed that if you have these crystals you become the healthiest and wealthiest human being.

How can you choose the right crystal for yourself?



When it comes to the selection of the right stone or crystal for yourself, you have to keep in mind some points. First of all, you have to find out the missing point in your life, which is important for you. Then research about the crystal you think can help you to grow and overcome the difficulties. Otherwise, you can take advice from experts. In this way, you can choose the right crystal for yourself.

Final Thought on 4 Types of Crystal Bonds and How They Save Us!

Natural Therapy of Healing

Natural Therapy of Healing

Our body, mind, and soul has to work in perfect harmony to reap the benefits of an eventful life. If one is not working perfectly then we can lose the balance of our life. To balance your health, inner peace and mind you have to work on it and take care of your physical and mental health. If you open your mind, these healing crystals and stardust have some exceptional power that can bring positive energy and calmness to your entire life.

Try these crystals to experience the magical power of healing and prosperity in your life. Using natural therapy of healing with crystals is important and using science we must continue to explore ways to use crystals in natural therapy of healing!

The world of crystals and its connection to cosmic energies is vast and the natural therapy of healing. To learn more about crystals and get a customized one for your requirements, reach out to https://thecrystalapothecaryco.com/

To learn more about science and chemical bonding, read here: chemical bonding | Definition, Types, & Examples | Britannica!

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