#1 Best Herbal Cold Syrup This Season!

#1 Best Herbal Cold Syrup This Season

#1 Best Herbal Cold Syrup This Season




#1 Best Herbal Cold Syrup This Season!


First, let’s discuss the common cold and how often people get it, how they get it, how to help avoid it, and what to do when you get it.

Followed by the #1 Best Herbal Cold Syrup Recipe I have used this season!

What are the symptoms of a cold and how to help avoid a cold?

Sore throat and runny nose are usually the first signs of a cold, followed by coughing and sneezing. Most people recover in about 7-10 days.

You can help reduce your risk of getting a cold: wash your hands often, avoid close contact with sick people, and don’t touch your face with unwashed hands.

Source: cdc.gov

Common colds are the main reason that children miss school and adults miss work. Each year in the United States, there are millions of cases of the common cold. Adults have an average of 2-3 colds per year, and children have even more.

Source: cdc.gov

Most people get colds in the winter and spring, but it is possible to get a cold any time of the year. Symptoms usually include:

Source: cdc.gov


#1 Best Herbal Cold Syrup This Season

What should I do if I have a cold?

There is no cure for a common cold. But there are ways to relieve the symptoms. You don’t want to miss school or work because of a cold, but you do want to take care of yourself. Here are some tips to keep you healthy while you’re sick.

1. Get Plenty Of Rest

The best way to beat a cold is to sleep well. Try to avoid getting too little sleep. If you’re sleeping less than six hours per night, you’ll probably catch a cold.

2. Drink Lots of Fluids

Drinking enough liquids helps flush out mucus and phlegm, keeping you healthier. Your body needs water to fight off infection.

3. Eat Well

Eating nutritious meals keeps your immune system strong. Make sure you eat foods high in vitamin A, like carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, peaches, mangoes, cantaloupe, oranges, and apricots.

What causes a cold?

The common cold is caused by many different types of viruses, including rhinoviruses. A rhinovirus infection usually begins with sneezing and runny nose symptoms like those associated with allergies.

But it can lead to other illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Some people develop severe cases of illness called “croup,” which causes hoarseness and inflammation of the vocal cords.

In rare cases, people infected with the flu can die because of complications related to viral pneumonia.

Rhinoviruses are one of the most common causes of the common cold. They are spread mainly through contact with infected people’s nasal secretions or droplets expelled into the air during coughing or sneezing.

People can also catch the virus by touching contaminated surfaces, especially objects used by someone else.

Other viruses that can cause cold symptoms include respiratory syncytium virus, human parainfuenzavirus, adenovirus,common human coronaviruses and human metapneumo-virus.


#1 Best Herbal Cold Syrup This Season

Does smoking increase chances of catching a cold?

One reason you may find yourself coughing up phlegm several times every week could be due to smoking cigarettes.

Dr. Cedrina Calder, a preventive medicine doctor and health authority, told INSIDER that the chemical compounds found in tobacco smoke have been found to affect the body’s natural immune response, causing people to catch frequent colds.

The chemicals in cigarette smoke are known to weaken the immune system’s ability to fight off viruses and bacteria, according to Calder.

She continued, saying that the damage caused by smoking can cause the tiny hairs of the respiratory tract to become damaged, making it harder for mucus and debris to clear itself out. This leaves the person vulnerable to catching colds.

To prevent frequent colds, Calder said the best solution is simply to stop smoking altogether. In addition to preventing colds, she said that quitting smoking can lower blood pressure, improve heart health, reduce stress levels, and even boost self-esteem.

Does stress increase the chances of catching a cold?

According to Dr. David Calder, author of “The Stress Reduction Workbook,” one of the best ways to combat stress is to decrease the amount of stressors you face throughout the week.

This includes reducing the number of hours you work, the number of people you interact with, and the amount of money you spend.

Calder recommends making changes to address the sources of stress in your life. He suggests taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

For example, he says it’s important to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly to keep your body strong. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, he recommends practicing yoga, meditating, or doing something else that helps you relax.

Raspberry Leaf

#1 Best Herbal Cold Syrup This Season

Does being indoors increase my chances of catching a cold?

Being cooped up during the winter isn’t always good for our health. In fact, spending too much time indoors could lead to more colds and flu cases.

According to Jason Abramowitz, M.D., an ear, nose and throat specialist based in New York City, there are several factors that contribute to colds and flus.

One big factor is how long we spend indoors. While we’re out and about, we’re exposed to the elements and air circulation, keeping us healthy.

But once we come home, we tend to use heating systems and artificial lights to keep ourselves warm, which doesn’t help either.

In addition, the less sunlight we see, the harder it is for our bodies to produce vitamin D. This vitamin helps regulate our immune system and keeps our body strong.

Does having a weakened immune system increases my chances of catching a cold?

Lastly, the colder weather slows down the immune system, making it easier to catch a cold.

If you have a weakened immune response, it puts you at greater risk of getting sick. This includes having a weaker ability to fight off viruses and bacteria.

Your body’s natural defenses are often weakened due to aging, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol use, and exposure to environmental toxins.



#1 Best Herbal Cold Syrup This Season

#1 Best Herbal Cold Syrup this Season with Raspberry Leaf, Comfrey, Mullein, and Thyme!

Background info:

Having comfrey in this recipe will assist with any sore throat or coughing.  The thyme, raspberry leaf, and mullein assist with any body aches, fever, and lung irritation you may have.

It is totally fine if you don’t have all the herbs on hand, even if you have a few they will help ease your cold symptoms greatly!  This syrup in this recipe will last up to 6 months, if refrigerated!


1/2 oz dried comfrey

1/2 oz dried mullein

1/2 oz dried raspberry leaf (only use COMPLETELY dried raspberry leaf, as fresh can cause naseau)

1/2 oz dried thyme

1 cup honey

2 cups water


Place all the herbs and the water into a medium saucepan and bring the liquid to simmer over low to medium heat. Cover partially with the lid and allow to simmer until the liquid has been reduced by half.

  1. Remove the contents of the sauce pan and place them in a glass measuring cup. Then pour the mixture through a wet cheesecloth back into the saucepan to remove any large pieces of herbs.
  2. Make sure you to ring out the cheesecloth until there is no more liquid coming out so you get the most out of the recipe.
  3. Now add honey and warm the mixture over low heat, stirring consistently. Allow the mixture to heat, continuously stirring until the temperature reaches 105 to 115 degrees.
  4. Then pour the syrup into a jar that has been sterilized. This can remain in the refrigerator up to 6 months.
  5. You should take one tablespoon orally three or four times per day until your systems are no longer present.
  6. If you are giving to children under age 12, they should only take one teaspoon two to three times a day.


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