Money Drawing Spell Kit


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Money Drawing Spell Kit

Unlock the path to prosperity and abundance with our Money Drawing Spell Kit. This meticulously curated kit provides everything you need to attract wealth and financial success into your life.

Complete Instructions: Our easy-to-follow guide walks you through each step of the spell, ensuring you can perform your money-drawing ritual with clarity and confidence. Perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, the instructions are designed to help you maximize the potency of your spell.

Green Candle: Symbolizing growth and abundance, the green candle is the centerpiece of your ritual. Light it to activate the energy of prosperity and set your intentions for attracting wealth.

Altar Oil: This luxurious blend of sandalwood, frankincense & myrrh, cedar, and cinnamon essential oils in a massage oil base is crafted to amplify your money-drawing spell. Anoint your candle, stone, and sacred space to enhance the flow of financial blessings.

Green Aventurine Stone: Known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” green aventurine is believed to attract luck and abundance. Use it in your ritual or carry it with you to open new avenues of prosperity and success.

Specialty Blended Bag of Herbs: Our unique blend of orange peel, five finger grass or lemon balm, and red clover has been carefully selected for their powerful money-attracting properties. Use these herbs to create a sacred circle, sprinkle around your home, or burn as incense to amplify the wealth-drawing energy of your spell.


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Harness the power of ancient wisdom and manifest your financial goals with our Money Drawing Spell Kit. Perfect for anyone looking to boost their prosperity and invite wealth into their life, this kit provides all the essentials to help you attract abundance and success.

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