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Honey Calcite spheres teach us how to correctly use our power.

Honey Calcite spheres may encourage us to be more responsible in leadership and may assist with recovering from abusive situations.

Honey Calcite spheres are believed by some to increase your feelings of self-worth, confidence, courage, and also to assist in overcoming obstacles you may face.

It is believed that honey calcite spheres are helpful for developing your skills and possibly learning abilities.

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Approximate weight oz:
Medium 3 to 8

Chakra Diagram


Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra








Black Brown Tan

MOHS Hardness Scale

MOHS Hardness Scale

Chemical Composition


Healing Properties

Honey Calcite teaches us about the right use of our power. It encourages responsibility in leadership and can help with recovering from abusive situations. Honey Calcite increases feelings of self-worth, confidence, courage, and assists to overcome obstacles. It is helpful for developing skills and in learning abilities.

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