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This flashy Labradorite tower is perfect for people who work with moon cycles.

If you’re uncertain of where to start, the new moon is a great starting point! This occasion each month is an opportune time to set goals and open up fresh opportunities in life.

Find out more information about moon magic here.

The flashy Labradorite tower, a glimmering black gemstone that flashes with magnificent colors, can bring hopefulness, potential, and kindle your internal flame.

This is a great item to utilize when forming new moon intentions as it is associated with new moon magic and exemplifies potential.

To tap into its uplifting and hopeful energy, work with it any time!

This Flashy Labradorite tower is often used for many occasions or seasons, but are especially beneficial during new beginnings, moments of greater awareness and insight, as well as when following a dream.

This flashy Labradorite tower can help to open the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing your senses, improving your vision and allowing you to truly observe the world as it is.

This flashy Labradorite tower can sharpen your focus, much like The Hermit in the Tarot does, by providing light to the obstacles in your path.

As the next new moon arrives, use this Flashy Labradorite tower along with your meditation. Let them open your heart and mind to what may be possible, helping you find a more optimistic outlook.

May this Flashy Labradorite tower serve you well, however you choose to use it. Get one now!

Approximate weight oz:
Small 0.5 to 3

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Third Eye Chakra
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This Natural Labradorite is your new best friend if you work with moon cycles. If you’re not sure where to begin, the new moon is a great place to start! It’s a strong time of the month to create goals and open up new possibilities in your life. Here’s where you can discover more about moon magic. Labradorite, with its magnificent blazing flashes of color that glitter from its blackness, brings optimism, possibility, and awakens your inner fire. It’s a terrific item to use when making new moon intentions because it’s associated with new moon magic and epitomizes possibility. To connect into its cheerful, possibility-filled energy, work with it at any time! Labradorite is a popular stone for every occasion or season, but it shines brightest when it comes to new beginnings, awareness, visioning, and pursuing your dreams. Labradorite activates the Third Eye Chakra, which opens your senses, improves your vision, and allows you to view the world fully, as it is. Labradorite sharpens your focus and, like The Hermit in the Tarot, helps you see your way through problems by illuminating your path. Under the next new moon, work with this Natural Labradorite. Allow it to open your heart and mind to possibility and fill you with optimism as you meditate on it. May yours serve you well in whatever way you choose to use it.

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