5 Magical Halloween Rituals for October!

5 Halloween Rituals to Make Your October More Magical

5 Halloween Rituals to Make Your October More Magical

5 Magical Halloween Rituals for October!

While Halloween is the most popular holiday this time of year, I believe that combining our traditions with the diverse practices of Samhain (the Celtic new year) and Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead in Mexican and Latin traditions) enhances our experience and opens us to a deeper sense of magic. Many clients and friends have asked me for simple ways to deal with the spiritual energy prevalent throughout these holidays, so I’m sharing you five simple rituals to spark the wonder and wisdom of Halloween today. I’m excited to see what type of magic you conjure up!

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Keep a Ritual Journal:

  • Locate a quiet area where you may sit comfortably.
  • Make a list of the questions you want to ask your ancestor(s).
  • Smudge yourself with sage to eliminate any interfering energy or fear you may be feeling. Ancestral connection is delicate work, and it is natural for emotions to increase as we prepare to connect in this way.
  • Trace a clockwise circle on the floor or carpet around you with your selenite wand.
  • Now, calm your body and mind by meditating.
  • Only let your ancestors who have walked through the light and mended their own karmic path to visit you. Then, tell your ancestor that you are present and would like to communicate with them, and ask the questions you prepared. Return to silence and listen to what comes through. These messages can manifest as words, sights, odours, or simply the sense of their presence. Be still and patient, allowing your ancestor’s soul to communicate in whichever way they can. You may also offer them any messages or information to which you feel called.
  • To finish and shut the circle, trace a counter-clockwise circle on the floor or carpet with your selenite wand.
  • Write down any messages or sensations you have in your journal to reread later. If you observed any symbols or images, you can draw them as well.



5 Halloween Rituals to Make Your October More Magical

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Ritual Using Candles:

Candle magic is one of the most fundamental forms of energy work in the most magical tradition. For this reason, I have numerous candles of my own, and Samhain is an especially ideal time to call on your spiritual help for making intentions. There are many different sorts of candle magic, but this is a simple ritual that I enjoy doing this time of year and feel compelled to share. It is ideal to do so during this month’s new moon.

Your Resources:

  • Perfume or anointing oil for black candles
  • Writing instrument, small square of paper


  • Dress your candle by rubbing the body of the candle or jar with a few drops of anointing oil, envisioning your energy uniting with the energy of the candle.
  • On one side of your square of paper, write your intention for the approaching winter season, and on the other side, write “thus it is.”
  • Fold the paper and lay it beneath the candle.
  • Light the wick and invoke the element of Fire, the goddess Hecate, your guardians, ancestors, and relatives to assist you in manifesting your desire on the physical level.
  • For at least five minutes, meditate on your purpose by focusing on the dancing flame and repeating your words in your thoughts or aloud. Keep going for as long as you feel called and connected.
  • Request that your goal be carried out “in perfect time and in accordance with the collective highest good.”
  • When you conclude your meditation, thank the divine forces that came to help you with your magic, remove the paper from beneath the candle, and light it in the flame. In a fireproof plate, let your paper to burn to ash.
  • Allow your candle to burn until it burns out, releasing your purpose into the ether to materialise.


5 Halloween Rituals to Make Your October More Magical

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Make a Fun Halloween Altar

We talk a lot about altars because I believe that altar creation (even just the process, not the end) is one of the most powerful ways to deal with ritual and purpose. Sacred space is essential for any type of energy work, so dedicating a table-top or side table to the Halloween festivities is a unique way to work with the thinning veil this season.

Your Resources:

  • Candles in black and/or orange
  • Crystals for the season
  • A chalice containing water or wine
  • feathers that are dark
  • Photos and/or souvenirs of the deceased you want to remember
  • Any festive altar decorations


  • In the center of your altar, light a candle.
  • Determine the Four Directions with a compass and set your altar items in each direction as they correspond to the element. Crystals for the Earth in the North, a chalice for the Water in the West, a candle for the Fire in the South, and feathers for the Air in the East.
  • Fill your altar with seasonal decorations and personal keepsakes.
  • Light your candles and say a prayer of thanks to the souls you want to remember.


Crystal Meditation

5 Halloween Rituals to Make Your October More Magical

#4 of 5 Magical Halloween Rituals for October!

Ancestral Relationship Meditation with Crystals

The thinning of the veil is a term used in Samhain custom. This is the time of year when the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is thinnest, providing an excellent chance for communication with your guides and dead ancestors. Ancestral connection is a really rare form of magic; if you’d like to connect with someone who has passed on, I know you’ll like this meditation.

Your Resources:

  • Sage in white
  • Wand made of selenite
  • Skeletal quartz, picasso jasper, and smoky quartz are examples of ancestral connection stones.
  • A piece of paper with a writing instrument
  • An offering made to the ancestors (e.g. food, dried flowers, a poem, etc)


Crystal Sound Bowl

5 Halloween Rituals to Make Your October More Magical

#5 of 5 Magical Halloween Rituals for October!

Clearing Sacred Space

When we interact closely with the spiritual realm, as we frequently do around Halloween, it is vital that we have a pure space that is free of harmful energy and sealed with your particular vibration.

When you keep your surroundings clean and bright, you draw vibrant spirits of light into your world. This season, protect yourself and your loved ones by doing a ritual cleansing of your house, office, and other sacred areas. This ceremony incorporates both physical and spiritual space cleaning. Perform a Samhain cleaning ritual and witness the profound energy shift that results. If you feel prompted to do so, invite others to join you.

Your Resources:

  • Stones of protection, such as Shungite or tiger’s eye
  • Sage
  • Plastic garbage and storage bags


  • Begin by physically decluttering your space. Gather and dispose of or donate any items in your home that you no longer use, are no longer enthused about, or that simply do not fit into your current life. Clear away mountains of clutter by organising and cleaning your surfaces. Consider whether you have utilised an item in the last 60 days, and if not, consider offering it to someone who will. Getting rid of apparel that no longer fits your body today makes room for deeper self-acceptance.
  • Hang white sage above the entrance and exit doors to clear the energy of visitors and prevent unwelcome spirits from entering the place. You can choose to pin a single sprig or a full bunch.
  • Smudge the room after opening your doors and windows. Request that the smoke cleanse any negative and positive energies in the space.
  • After you’ve completed smudging, lay a protective stone in each of the room’s four corners to lock in the energy.


Make a Memorial Offering in Memory of the Departed

This is a beautiful and simple way to remember the times we spent with our departed loved ones. Make a memory offering to collect the tales and small details you remember about them, and gather on Halloween to share these recollections in honour of their life.


  • Mason jars or glasses
  • Small slips of paper
  • A writing instrument



Make a seasonal altar in your home to remember those who have passed away (see above).

Place your jar and the slips of paper in the center of the altar offerings.

Throughout the holiday season, jot down passing memories of your dead loved ones on a slip of paper and place it in a mason jar, uttering a prayer of thanks for their time on Earth.

Allow any visitors to your place to add their own memories to the jar.

At the end of the season, meet with your loved ones to share these memories aloud and celebrate the ties we shared with those who have passed on.


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