10 Ways to Use Crystals to Attract Money


Crystals to Attract Money

Crystals to Attract Money

How to Keep Your Wealth Graph Upward with Crystals

Lured by the baiting tagline, if you are thinking that you are going to get some powerful crystals and automatically your home will start looking like the storage of Walter White in The Breaking Bad, let us be brutally honest with you that this is not the case. Now, the first thing that comes to your mind is why should I get the crystals then? How is it supposed to help me get more money? Well, crystals may not create magic in the blink of an eye but can work as a catalyst to attract money.

Every individual wants to amass huge wealth but often find themselves in a fix to rope in that buck leading to anxiety and depression. Crystals generate positive vibes to smoothen the flow of money. It can even work as a money magnet if you are equipped with the knowledge of choosing the right crystal and its use.

So, brace yourselves and get on the wheel to choose the right crystal and its usage so that your prosperity graph can always be upward.

How Do You Use Crystals to Attract Money?

Having a skeptical mind is good before you make an investment. We appreciate it. As an authentic crystal seller, we like to keep things completely transparent with our clients and therefore we never hesitate to tell them how crystals actually work, the science behind it.

Energy is the key driving factor behind everything around us. Our body, our surroundings, everything is made up of energy. Everything works in either a low energy frequency or a high energy frequency. When our body’s energy frequency is low, we are most likely to attract gloominess, sadness, flat or negative energies and when our energy frequency is high, we attract positive power, happiness, prosperity and more.

Crystals acts as catalysts that turn negative energy into positive vibe and amplify it. When kept in close proximity to our body, crystals ensure high energy emissions that eventually attract positive power.

Gradually our body absorbs the high energy frequency from the crystals, and the positive energy reverberates through our surrounding activities and situations. It is similar to having a ‘feel good’ vibration from a person who is charming from the inside. Although, the positive energy that a crystal can emit is much higher than that of a human.

How to Use a Crystal?

Crystals are pretty, anyone would want to get them to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their home. However, they have more to offer rather than acting as a paperweight or showpiece. Hence, you must pick your crystals based on your requirements and place them in their designated places to draw maximum benefits. For attracting money, you can use crystals in various ways like:

  1. Use them while meditating. Holding a crystal or looking at it from close proximity with the thought of having a flourishing business, or promotion to the job, or anything that comes in your mind related to money can help you awaken the positive power of your mind and trigger the energy of the crystal. The combination of the two can really create magic.
  2. Positioning it well: South-west is known to be wealth corner, so, experts suggest keeping your money crystal in the south-west corner of your workplace. To curb unnecessary expenditure, you can keep the crystal in your wallet as well. To enhance financial health, you can also keep the crystal right below your pillow.


10 Powerful Crystals That Can Uplift Your Financial Status

Now, the question is – which crystal should you buy. The Crystal Apothecary Co brings you the list of 8 most powerful crystals that work as a money magnet.

Citrine: With the bright yellow hue, this crystal has a magnificent look. Also known as ‘light-maker’ it can emanate enough positive energy that can have an extraordinarily strong influence on your financial growth. It boosts your confidence, enthusiasm and overall positive lookout by cleansing the Chakras. Wearing it as jewelry is the best way to use its powers.



Tigers Eye: If your fickle-mindedness and impulsive decisions is responsible for slowing down your financial growth, Tiger Eye can be highly effective. By emitting the energy, it can increase mental strength and determination, so that you can choose the right path. As your decision always has a direct or indirect effect on your family and close ones, it pushes in good luck for them as well. The best way to harness its powers is to have it directly touching your body.




Pyrite: Experts suggest keeping this in the left corner of your home to bring good luck and prosperity. This is one of the ancient crystals that people had been using since ages for meditation.

Metallic gloss finish, pale yellow and grey are the three shades Pyrites are found in. For business owners, it can be extremely useful if you keep it in the cashbox.



Green Jade: Keeper of the heart chakra, green jade is the crystal that symbolizes a perfect harmony amongst your health, surroundings and wealth.

The origin of the crystal was in China, where it has been used for ages to attract wealth. This is one of the crystals that creates a balance in your life bolstering your financial stature without disrupting the existing balance in your life. It can navigate your dreams about being successful financially.

Amazonite: If blue and its shades always have a special influence, you will fall in love with this crystal. This healing crystal comes in deep blue, turquoise or green color.

Taking care of the heart and throat chakras, it can shower a sheer abundance of wealth in your life making it a happy place for the people surrounding you too.



Malachite: This is another lustrous piece that everybody with an aesthetic sense want to possess. Not only does it work as a money magnet but blocks the negative energies that can bar your success.

It boosts your confidence, uplifts your energy and prepares you to face the challenges and overcome those. Altogether, it works to create a better life for you.



Andalusite: This crystal symbolizes positive power and vigor. Keeping you focused on your goal and channelizing your energies, it creates an environment that takes you toward the zenith of success.

In addition to its beautiful look, it is also believed that this crystal is empowered by mystical properties that can work as a protector for your happy life.

Clear Quartz: The look of clear quartz resembles a big droplet of water that is aesthetically calming. If you have a clear vision and goal, this crystal can be extremely useful to show you the path of achieving it.

Awakening your energy and amalgamating the same with its own, it can create such a powerful energy frequency that is capable of blocking all negativities.



The world of crystals and its connection to cosmic energies is vast. To learn more about crystals and get a customized one for your requirements, reach out to https://thecrystalapothecaryco.com/

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